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Preparing for Adulthood (Transition)

You can select 'View all services' to find local and national information, advice, services and activities to support you move into adulthood.

As a young person you will go through different stages as you grow and develop; one of the most important is your move or transition from being a child to a young adult. This can be an exciting time but you may also have some worries and even more so if you have a disability, learning needs or have an education and health care plan.

We include parents, carers, young carers, teachers, GP’s, local area co-ordinators and more!

You might meet us first when we come alone to one of your school review meetings (for education, health and care plans -EHCP), this starts in Year 9. We will talk to you about what’s important to you, what your ‘good life’ looks like, things you enjoy and are good at, we call these your strength’s.

When you reach about 17 we will start to visit you a bit more and maybe see you at home and at school or college. We will meet with your parents and family.

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