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Brighter Futures Children's Partnership

The Brighter Futures Children's Partnership brings together the full spectrum of partners responsible for planning and delivering health and care to the children, young people and Families of Thurrock.

It provides strategic leadership and direction for children's health and well-being at system, place and community level.

The Brighter Futures Children's Partnership is the highest level partnership group for children's services.

The partnership promotes:

  • equality between organisations
  • mutual respect and trust
  • open and transparent communications
  • co-operation and consultation
  • a commitment to being positive and constructive in outlook
  • a willingness to share and learn from others
  • an inclusive approach

'Brighter Futures' is used a brand name to further promote these values – for example, Brighter Futures Children's Centres, Brighter Futures Early Help, Brighter Futures Healthy Families, Brighter Futures Special Education Needs and Disabilities improvement board

Early Help is a universal and targeted service that supports the Brighter Futures vision.

A memorandum of understanding between partnership members was drafted in September 2019.

Healthwatch Thurrock was asked as an independent organisation to gather the views of children and young people, carers and parents about their experiences of using the Brighter Futures services. See below:

Who to contact

01268 729707 01268 729707 0330 3337444 0330 3337444
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Last updated: 03/04/2021


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