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Becoming a Childminder

Thinking of Becoming a Childminder?

First Steps:

Before applying to become a childminder there is a great deal to consider and questions to ask.

If you would like to become a childminder in Thurrock, your first step is to attend a Childminder Briefing Session. The Thurrock Childminder Briefing session provides you with current information about what you need to do to become an Ofsted Registered Childminder please see Thinking of becoming a childminder. 

The next briefing will be running on Thursday 11th April.

For those who wish to pursue a career in childminding after attending the pre-registration briefing you will need to attend a preparation training course.  At Thurrock we hold a face to face training course comprising of six 2.5 hour sessions. You will learn about: Safeguarding Children, being self-employed and managing your business, standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to 5, assessing your home, training you need to undertake before you can register and more.

Childminder Introduction Training.  This training includes the following sessions:

1: Legislation and an introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage

2: Basic Child Protection Training

3: Keeping children safe in Early Years

4: Partnership with Parents and Equalities

5: Beginning to observe, assess, plan and monitor

6: Starting up your childminding business

You must book a place by email before attending the training.  Please send an email titled 'Childminder Induction Training' including your name, address, contact telephone number and the date you wish to attend to Bookings cannot be made over the telephone; you will be asked to email if you call. Details of the venue and confirmation will be emailed to you approximately 2 weeks before the session date.


Further information:

Read the Ofsted Document – Guide to registration on the Early Years Register Childcare Provider – 1st January 2016.  

It is recommended that you read the Ofsted pre-registration briefing for those wishing to become a childminder.

This presentation will inform you of Ofsted’s role, the definition of a childminder, the registers you need to consider to apply for. The requirements of these registers, as well as the Ofsted application process and the Ofsted registration visit. information on becoming a childcare provider -

There are online childminder pre-registration courses you can access, such as the one below by PACEY:


Areas to consider?

1) Suitable Person:

You need to identify if you and your household members are suitable, and not disqualified to look after children. The following link provides information on the criteria of disqualification.

You and your household members above the age of 16 years will have to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

2) Premises:

If you rent your accommodation, you will need to review your tenancy agreement to see if you are permitted to childmind from the premise. Written agreement should be gained from your landlord.

Do you have any covenants on your premise preventing you to run a business?

It is advisable to contact the Local Authority Planning department to ask if you are able to run a business from the property.

3) Home Set Up:

It is important to remember that once you start childminding the area where the children will access will become your work place. Therefore consideration needs to be taken to make sure all activities that take place within the home environment are suitable. For example, older children playing with 12+ video games - this is not appropriate. If your child wants to bring a friend home from school to play, if that child is below 8 years old they will count within your ratio numbers if the child is not accompanied by their parent.

4) Sufficiency: Before you start the application process it is advisable to do some market research: identify the need for childcare in your area. Refer to the local authority sufficiency report and or contact the Family Information Service (FIS) for an up to date list of current childcare providers in your area:

As a self-employed person it will be your responsibility to build your own business.

5) Self-Employment: As a registered childminder you will be self-employed therefore you will need to register with HMRC Inland Revenue as soon as possible after registration, and complete accounts and an annual Self-Assessment.

6) Right to Work: Are you able to prove your Right To Work In the UK, are you physical and mentally capable to look after children (you will be required to complete a Health Declaration Booklet).

Once you have decided to register:

If the decision has been made to work with children aged 0-8years, you will need to complete the Early Years and the compulsory registration.

Pre-registration approved training course and first aid training.

Before completing the registration process, you are required to complete the following training.

  • First Aid Training: Before registering you must obtain a Paediatric First Aid certificate. Courses are available from many training providers but you must ensure they “cover the course content as for St John Ambulance or Red Cross paediatric first aid course. St John Ambulance or Red Cross First Aid Training

A number of providers can be found on the Ask Thurrock website

  • HBCA training – Childminders in England must attend an introductory childcare training course - Preparing to Work in Home-Based Childcare (HBCA), as stated in the EYFS requirements and the requirements of the Childcare Register. (This contributes towards the full level 3 qualification). For information on local training providers click


Additional Reading:

Early Years Foundation Stage Documents:

  • Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage

Ofsted YouTube Channel:

Completing the Ofsted Early Year Register Application.

How to apply:

1)    Apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check through the Ofsted portal.

i)      Please be aware you will need to sign up for the update service.  Without this Ofsted will not accept the DBS and you will need to start and pay for a new application.   More information can be found at:

2)    Fill in and submit a health declaration booklet (Your GP may well charge for this process)

3)    Apply online - you’ll need a Government Gateway account to log in. If you’re applying to both registers, apply using the Early Years application form.

Ofsted Helpline: 0300 123 1231

Textphone/minicom: 0161 618 8524

After completing your Ofsted application online, you will become a “proposed” childminder. At this point you will be allocated with an EY number. The local authority will be informed and you will be contacted by the local authority Early Years Development Officer who will invite you to attend the two hour Introduction to the Early Years training session. Please note there is a charge for this training. To book a place on training please email:

To book a place on training please log in to

Information on how to register will be provided at the home support visit by the Welfare Requirements Development Officer (see below).

Registration Visit:

Ofsted will then complete your registration visit. At the visit the Ofsted Inspector will check the suitability of the home environment and your understanding of the:-

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage- Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements, and the Learning, Development and Assessment requirements.

How long does it take to become a registered childminder?

Ofsted states that it should take no longer than 12 weeks on submitting of your application to become registered from the date your application is received at their office, depending on DBS & Social Services checks being returned on time and proof that you have completed a Paediatric First Aid course.

After Registration:

You will receive your Registration certificate (which must be displayed during working hours).

To complete after Registration:

  1. Gain Public Liability Insurance (packages are available from PACEY / Morton Michel or other insurance providers)
  2. Obtain business insurance cover on your vehicle if to be used for childminding purposes.
  3. Inform your home contains insurer you will be child- minding with the home environment.
  4. As a registered childminder you will automatically be registered by Environmental Health, as a food provider.

More information on Food Safety can be found at

As a childminder it is your responsibility under the Data Protection Act to check if you are required to register with the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO). It is recommended that you complete the self-assessment questionnaire at  

Once your registration is complete and you are active, Ofsted will notify the Local Authority Thurrock’s Family Information Service (FIS) of your registration details. FIS will publicise your details to parents/carers looking for childcare via the call centre and via the website  Details shared will be your name, Ofsted URN number, area & postcode only, contact telephone/mobile and email address. FIS will also send you paperwork to complete for you to include more information and details about the services you offer including opening times and costs etc.

Thurrock Council - Can offer information to applicants and registered providers, support and advice, training for childcare workers and childcare providers and provide information to parents about childcare services.

Once you are registered we advertise your service through our website

How to appeal

If you wish to appeal against Ofsted's decision to refuse your registration, please follow the link below for more information:

Business and Grant Information

Childcare business grants:

Great Business: Support, advice and inspiration for growing your business tel: 0300 456 3565

Thurrock Business Support:

Welfare Requirements Development Officer: pre-registration support: Jenny Bond,, 07767 425958

**Childminding briefing sessions are available for parent/carers that have children under 5 and whom are currently unemployed, if you meet this criteria contact the FIS on 01375 652801

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